Scholarships information

The Way of St. James: European Identity and Global Appeal

I. Compostela Group of Universities’ Students workshop
Universität Regensburg, Germany, 31st July to 5th August 2017

Participants can apply for a scholarship.

The scholarship includes:

a. Participation in the theoretical activities;
b. Participation in the field-cultural activities;
c. Local transport;
d. Part of the meals;
e. Health, liability and accident insurance for the duration of the workshop (not valid for travel before and after the workshop);
f. And, accommodation (check-in on 30thJuly; check-out on 6thAugust 2017).

Travel grants:

In addition to the scholarship, participants from overseas (non-European) CGU partners can apply for a travel grant of 500 €.
Students who receive this grant have to buy their travel tickets in advance and will touch the travel grant in Regensburg in cash.

Every selected candidate will have to pay a registration fee of 120,00 €. Participants will receive information on how to pay the registration fee upon notification that they have been selected for the workshop and the scholarship. Please see General conditions, art. 3, point 16).

Our most sincere thanks for the scholarship money go to:
“Forum Internationaler Jugendaustausch Regensburg”

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